The Baribeau-Lafrance Hearing Clinic is pleased to announce the arrival of Nadine Lavoie in our team of audioprosthetists.

Nadine has many years of experience in the practice of hearing aid fitting and brings with her a dynamism that will appeal to our customers.

She will practice at our Westmount clinic. We would like to welcome Nadine and wish her all the success in her new role.

The Baribeau-Lafrance Hearing Clinic was established in 2014 by a musician and an engineer who, after getting their audioprosthetists degree, got together to stir things up in the Montreal Hearing Aids market.

20 years of experience with sound engineering in the television and entertainment industry has endowed Amélie an acute sense of hearing and meticulous attention to audio detail. Following the birth of her two children, Amélie has expanded her horizons to assist people with hearing challenges to appreciate sound, music and to engage with others.

She has worked with the Baribeau-Lafrance hearing clinic since her beginnings in 2016.

The exploration of the world of sound has been his passion for more than 25 years. Mathieu is a professionally trained pianist and composer, a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston; he is a life long audiophile, and has been an audioprosthetist since 2013. 

It is with empathy, competence and patience that he will welcome you in one of our clinics to answer to all your auditory needs.

Holder of a Bachelor's degree in psychology from UQAM, Nadine has always been inspired by the human being. It was this desire to help others and to make a difference in their lives that led her to hearing aid studies at the birth of her children.

She has been practicing since 2009 at Clinique Auditive Tremblay & Villeneuve, then for Le Groupe Forget. It is within our team that she pursues her ambition of helping people to hear better.

Marc has been passionate about electronics since childhood; he refined his skills working as a sound technician while pursuing his studies to become an electrical engineer. A graduate of Laval University he has over 20 years experience in aeronautics and 3D animation.

He has been a member of the order of Audioprosthetists since 2007. He will offer his expertise in order to guide you in making the best choice for achieving and maintaining your auditory potential.