A safe level of sound depends on the how long you listen. In North America ANSI norms recommend 8 hours of listening time at 85 dB. This time is divided by two each time you increase the sound level by 3 dB. For example, at 88 db the maximum length of listening time is divided by two to give you 4 hours, if you increase from 88 dB to 91 dB you can now listen safely for two hours.

 In 2013 regulations in Europe were passed stipulating that all Mp3 players be set to a maximum of 85 Db by default, when in fact, settings usually surpass 100 dB.

In noisy environments such as public transport, we are tempted to increase the volume on our Mp3 players to compensate for the noise around us. In fact, this increases pressure on the auditory system which increases the risk of damaging our hearing.

There are many sound level applications that measure the intensity of sound coming from your earphones that are designed for intelligent phones. By placing the earphones at the entrance of your phone's microphone you will have an idea of the sound level of your music.

In order to maximize your listening pleasure without being disturbed by noise from the environment there is wide variety of in- ear speakers available that allow you to enjoy your music without causing damage to your ears. And, Of course if your neighbors can hear your music, that means it is too loud!