Am I eligible for a free hearing aid ?

Quebec Medicare requires a hearing loss of at least 35dB to the three frequencies (500Hz, 1000Hz and 2000Hz). Come and see us for a hearing test and find out if you are eligible.

I have been told that I am not eligible. So does that mean that I cannot have a hearing aid ?
Even if you do not qualify for a Medicare hearing aid, your hearing loss can challenge your daily life (understanding problems in groups, television volume too loud). You still have the right to improve your life with a hearing aid. We will be happy to help you find a hearing device that best suits your needs.

People say that the hearing instruments paid by Medicare are not as good, is it true ?

    Even if the hearing instruments covered by Quebec medicare are of good quality, they are basic digital models. They are technologically less advanced than the more recent models. The contracts granted to the hearing instrument manufacturers for the Quebec Medicare program are of a long duration in comparison with the technological innovations which develop rapidly in the field of the hearing instruments. For example, the cic and are not available with this program.

What does Medicare cover exactly 

    The Quebec Medicare program covers the cost of one basic digital hearing instrument for a retired patient and the cost of two hearing instruments (if needed) for a person at work. It is necessary to meet the minimal criteria of hearing loss which is (35dB in both ears)

Which documents are required ?

In order to benefit from the Quebec medicare program, a patient must have a complete audiologic evaluation carried out by an audiologist during the previous year. He must also have a medical certificate from an ENT doctor documenting the need for wearing a hearing aid.

Are hearing aids covered by insurance ?

You have to check with your insurance company. Many coverage exists that can partially pay for hearing aids cost. Keep your receipts, the unpaid portion by your health insurance can be used as a medical expense on your next tax income filing.