The brain can take many months to adapt to hearing instruments.  Hearing instruments are designed to maximize your hearing potential.

 As long as your brain still has the capacity to understand speech, a hearing device can help you increase your perception, and hence your comprehension of the spoken word.

It is important to remember that it is the ears that  listen, but it is the brain that understands. Wearing your hearing instruments regularly will help you adapt to sounds in the environment that you may not have heard in a while. Having your hearing aid adjusted will allow you to program it to best suit your needs.

For example, accurate adjustment and programming  will give you the ability to attend to one voice amongst those in a group and filter out sounds in the environment that you do not want to hear.

Furthermore, the latest technology allows you to synchronize your hearing device with your Bluetooth, television or sound system.

 If you keep these principles in mind, choose the appropriate hearing aid for your type of loss, and have it accurately adjusted by an audioprosthetist, you will be successful  in reaching your hearing potential