The open-fit hearing aid is discreet and allows more natural sound. It is the newest type of hearing aid. Like the Behind-The-Ear model, it requires less maintenance.

It is available in a wide range of colors.


The half shell hearing aid allows installation of options such as volume and program controls, and directional microphone. It is a good compromise between esthetic and efficiency. It fits light to moderately-severe hearing loss.

The behind-the-ear hearing aid is the most versatile, most resistant and most powerful of all hearing aids. It also requires less maintenance than other models. It fits all needs from a light to profound hearing loss It is available in a wide range of colors

Siemens Motion 2

The shell hearing aid allows for all options (volume and program controls, directional microphone) and the maximum power output for an In-The-Ear hearing aid. It fits light to severe hearing loss.


This model is the most discreet of all hearing aids available. The miniature size allows the instrument to lodge deeply within the auditory canal, hence the alias "invisible" hearing aids. On the other hand it is impossible to make this model if the auditory canal is too small, or if the degree of hearing loss is too great. Wax buildup can also pose a problem.

IIC nu

The Mini-canal hearing aid is discreet. It allows the installation of a directional microphone, it is a good compromise between aesthetics and efficiency.

 Siemens Insio 1

The Completely-In-the-Canal hearing aid is the smallest, most discreet and most aesthetic of hearing aids. But it is also the least powerful and least versatile. It fits light to moderate hearing loss.