Protect your ears when bathing with these protectors molded to your ears.

Recommended after a myringotomy, otitis or even if you are sensitive to water in your ears. The plugs can be connected with a cord which can be made from a floating material. They are made from the finest medical grade silicone and will last many seasons.

Available in several colors.

Airplane custom ear plugs

Flight noise protection. Ideal for those who travel frequently.

Changes in cabin pressure on an airplane, especially during takeoff and landings, can cause ear discomfort and even pain. Loud noises from the engines during the flight can be disturbing. SkyComfort custom earmolds provide individualized ear protection. The specialized SANOHRA fly-filter reduces the air pressure at the eardrum during flight, making the effects of altitude changes on the ears less uncomfortable. Additionally, it reduces loud noises such as turbine or engine sounds without affecting communication with your travel partner.

Available exclusively in Sky Blue.

Protect your ears while hunting with these protectors molded to your ears.

A single rifle shot reaches 140 decibels, which is enough to cause permanent hearing loss. The custom hearing protection for hunting and high level noises is specifically designed for this type of transient noises.

This protection is custom-made to fit your ears, giving you maximum protection from loud noise, damaging sounds and sudden or "rush" rifle sounds.

Available in several colors.