Hearing aids have miniature components, and it is not uncommon over time that a hearing aid requires repair. When you start the hearing aid in the morning you notice that there is no sound; the battery door can be broken. These things happen even when the hearing aids are properly taken care of. If you have a problem that requires repair, take the hearing aid to your audioprosthetist. They are equipped to diagnose broken hearing aids. Some minor hearing aid repairs can be done in the office in a short period of time; others will have to be sent to the manufacturer for repair. Your audioprosthetist can help you determine the type of repair needed if you think your hearing aid is not working properly.

If you have defective hearing aids, even if you are not a customer with us, we are happy to try to repair them. We are able to service the major hearing aid manufacturers and can tell you in the office if your brand is a brand we service. Hearing aids come with a warranty when purchased new. Even if your warranty has expired, it is still possible to repair most hearing aids for a fee. Depending on the hearind aid manufacturer, this repair may be accompanied by a one-year warranty. Your hearing care professional will provide you with details when you bring your hearing aid to the office.